As we get closer to starting our Gene Therapy Clinical Trial for Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease we are launching the Racing Towards a Cure Campaign to help the charity with much needed fundraising.

Throughout this campaign we are releasing videos of the families we have assisted so that our supporters can see all the amazing work that has been achieved at The CATS Foundation. None of this would have been possible without your generous backing.

We are encouraging everyone to get behind our Racing Towards a Cure campaign by sharing our family videos with all of their friends and family so that more people become aware of the work we are doing.

Information, equipment, respite and a support network help affected families manage a little better with the challenges that these illnesses pose. All donations received through this campaign will enable us to continue supporting families, as we get closer to a potential treatment for these cruel diseases.

We have created a small and exclusive collection of Race Towards a Cure merchandise that features the cartoon version of our "cat", we hope you enjoy it. All profits revert fully to the charity and this campaign specifically.

Please visit our JustGiving Campaign page on the link below to keep an eye on our fundraising or if you wish to donate or fundraise towards this campaign:

Follow us on our Facebook page, where you will be able to watch the video releases: